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Cleistocactus colademononis


Origin: Mountain of Cerro el Fraile near Samaitapa, Bolivia. 1300/1400 m altitude.

Pot size: 10,5 cm

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This Cleistocactus became famous as the “monkey tail”, refers to the appearance of the hairy stems. This cactus with drooping stems branches profusely from the base. The new stems are covered with white “hairs”, their size reaches 2 m. Zygomorphic flowers are orange / red, they can be counted in the hundreds from spring to fall. Suspension culture is ideal for this species.

From spring to fall, allowing the soil to dry out between waterings. it appreciates copious and regular waterings during the growing season. It can be quite greedy in fertilizer, this promotes optimal growth and flowering.

Well draining. Earth / compost 30%, draining minerals 70%.

Maximum light. Dim sunshine during heat spikes.

Minimum temperature:
Down to 0 ° C dry during winter.

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Pot size

10,5cm, 13cm, 5,5cm, 8cm, 9cm


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