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Pozzolana/Volcanic rock

Pozzolana is a 100% mineral and natural volcanic rock.

Ideal for draining the bottom of pots.

It is also used as a mixture in a cacti substrate (from 5% to 15% by volume).

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Volcanic rock mined in our region (Hérault, south of France) at the end of the chain of Auvergne volcanoes.

Ideal for ensuring good drainage at the bottom of pots, or mixed in the substrate to promote aeration of the roots.

Pozzolana is also very aesthetic when surfacing pots.

Locally, the pozzolana that we use is black in color. Its average calibration of 3-6 mm gives it good versatility of use.

Please note, we recommend that you wear a protective mask when handling it dry to avoid inhalation of dust.



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